Sunday, February 27, 2022

Dear Pickleball Friends.

If you’ve landed on this page it means either that you know our dear Ukrainian friend Taras or you are friends with someone who does. For those of you who don’t know Taras… he was the co-founder of the Ukrainian Pickleball Association and has spent the past seven years promoting the game to countless Ukrainians. He was the first Ukrainian to play in an international pickleball tournament (Amsterdam!) and has represented his country in other tournaments across Europe. He is an International Federation of Pickleball Ambassador and in 2021, traveled to Moscow to hold a pickleball demonstration 

Besides being an important member of the international pickleball community, Taras is one of the best persons you will ever have the opportunity to meet. He is kind, loyal, unassuming, generous, and true to a fault. His love for pickleball is only surpassed by the love he has for his wife, daughter and his homeland of Ukraine. 

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Taras, like so many of his fellow countrymen, are facing terrible hardships. Fortunately, his wife and daughter are currently out of the country and out of harms way and will soon be reunited in Amsterdam.

I am writing as a friend of Taras, asking for your help in supporting his family during these terrible times. Besides needing financial assistance for lodging and food – they also need help for his wife Svitlana who is battling progressive Parkinson’s disease.

Any amount that you can give will help.  100% of all donations will go directly to Taras and his family. Monthly donations are welcomed as we will keep this fundraiser open until such time that his family is able to return to normal life.  If you have questions about this fundraiser you can contact me at I am also able to put folks into direct contact with Taras.  

Updates on Taras, his family, and money raised will be posted on this WhatsApp group

Thank you for your donations, support for Taras’ family, and your prayers for the Ukrainian and Russian peoples.