September 12, 2021

Dear Jen.

Thanks for taking my call yesterday. Sorry to bother you when you are one the way out the door. Hope you had a good day in the store and they are were able to enjoy the remains of your Saturday evening. 

As I am sure that (my) Jennifer told you – we are new to Grants Pass after having spend the past seven years (and nine out of the past thirteen) living overseas. As silly as it sounds, given that Jennifer and I grew up in the States, the adjustment to becoming American (especially for our children) is an adventure! Southern Oregon is AMAZING especially on those (rare) days this summer when it isn’t overbearingly hot and smoky. Being an ‘outdoor’ family – we are looking forward to cooler and clearer weather this fall. Fingers crossed.

I know Jennifer shared a bit about what we do at Birdnest Consulting but if you want to know more – click on the link on the top of the page to learn about us and what we do as a family owned business.

Working with Birdnest Consulting 

We offer personalized, outcome-based solutions that give our partners the tools to better Inform, Engage and Inspire their community through dynamic and branded multi-channel marketing.  And more importantly, we help you develop best practices and systems that are Effective, Efficient and Sustainable.  

The Process:

1. We meet (either in person or virtually) to discuss what your needs are as the owner of the Blue Door. This includes completing a brief survey that allows us (and you!) to identify what best practices and systems you already have in place; creating measurable goals (outcomes) for organizational development, marketing and communication; and discussing what road blocks are keeping you from reaching those goals.  Free

2. Jennifer and I complete a full audit of your website, social media, newsletter, print media and anything else you would like for us to review.  Free

Some initial items we’ve discovered include: The Blue Door Salon vs the Blue Door Boutique – it is difficult to tell which one is which one; Google Searches/Google Maps brings up the phone number for the Salon – it looks like no one has claimed the listing via Google; the Grants Pass Chamber lists the Salon and not the Boutique; same with Travel Grants Pass website; Instagram doesn’t have contact information; and your website doesn’t have contact information (phone or email) as far as we can see.

3. Using what information we gathered during steps 1 and 2 – we design a plan (outcome-based solutions!), agree on a budget and a timeline, and then move forward on the project.

If you would like to move forward, please let us know when a good time to set up a meeting.  You can reach us at or (541) 930-9568 .

Stay healthy and well.
David, Jennifer, Olivia, Jonathan and Spencer